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BORK Dog Toothbrush & Treat Dispenser

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Dental health is very important for all dogs. Good care from an early age will prevent serious issues later on.

Introducing the BORK Toothbrush! Simply insert treats in between the silicon fibres; this is a great way to remove plaque from your dogs teeth and reduce bad breath!

We recommend spreading generous amounts of peanut butter within the toy to get your dog used to having it inside its mouth.   Ideal for mostly medium to large dogs. 

This quality Bork toy is made from high grade TPR Rubber. TPR is PVC- and BPA-free, so is very safe for dogs. For instance, it’s widely used for catheters used in medical devices and toys so is very safe for dogs. TPR is 100% recyclable

Constant supervision is recommended for this product: this is a very effective toy and only require short term use per day.

Recommendations on Safe Use of Dog Toys

No dog toy is indestructible but BORK dog toys are all play tested with dogs! All pets while playing with dog toys should be supervised by the owner at all times. It is the owners responsibility to see how the dog interacts with the toy and avoid any swallowing of the toys. Remove toy from dog should the toy appear damaged or broken.

Shipping timeframe: 1 to 2 weeks