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Robotic Plush Fish Toy with moving Tail (with USB charger)

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Is your cat tired of the lifeless toys thrown at them? Try these interactive robotic plush fish toy that moves its tail like a real fish that's just been caught.  The fish is made from soft plush material making it safe for wrestling and biting yet it contains a battery operated tail inside the soft body that moves back and forth just like a 'fish out of water.' Stimulate your cat's play time with these life-like fish. 

Simply charge it with a USB charger and turn on the switch and watch your kitty get the best hunt of their life!  


Size: 27 cm x 11cm
USB charger included 

Recommendation for Use
- Charge for at least 20 minutes before using for the first time
- Unzip the fish and turn on the switch, then zip up and put on the ground for your cat to play. 
- After play, be sure to turn off the switch and zip up the toy to ensure your pet does not get to the battery and store in a safe place.

It is highly recommended that you always inspect the plush toy before giving it to your pet to play to ensure the battery inside the fish is not exposed through torn seams or fabric.