Laying it BARE - the Make Up of SFYC Cosmetics

The Shop for your Charity branded cosmetics have been sourced directly from Canada from a speciality supplier that produces high quality cosmetics in small batches that are NATURAL (biodegradable), Paraben FREE, Cruelty FREE (not tested on animals) and VEGAN certified (does not contain any animal products). 




Natural Ingredients



Majority of the cosmetics are derived from all natural ingredients, see below table for details on the composite of each type of cosmetic.   

Safe to Use with High Quality-Control 


All products have FDA certifications and safe to use as intended and have been formulated for all skin types and are hypoallergenic. 

Cruelty FREE and Vegan 


All of our cosmetics have NEVER been tested on animals and many of them are vegan which means they contain no animal products or by-products of animals. See below for the products that are labelled as vegan. 


Made with Sustainable Products, Packaging & Labels


Our commitment is not only to social causes but also for the planet in ensuring we source products that are sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment.  As majority of the cosmetics are made from all natural plant based materials, they are all biodegradable!