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Banana Pet Bed with Peelable Cover - for cats and dogs (L & XL)

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The Banana Cat Bed features a peelable banana peel (cover) that allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require. Just peel open the top layer of the peel to sneak a peek at your kitty snoozing inside. 

Comes in 2 variety of colours and 2 decent sizes.  They are also big enough for small dogs so other members of your fur family don't need to feel left out. 

The XL size is big enough to comfortably fit two medium cats (weighing 5kg each).  

·       Banana boat shape pet house, cute, beautiful, perfect match to different home environment
·     Super soft short plush fabric, 2.0cm thick sponge, keep your pets warm and comfortable in cold days

Dimensions (length x width x height) cm 

Ideal weight of pet

65 x 25 x 18cm (L)

between 2.5kg - 5kg

90 x 30 x 20cm (XL)

between 5kg - 10kg


Shipping timeframe from date of purchase: 5 to 10 working days