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Bed Sheet Clips/Fasteners - 6 sides to get all the angles

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Tired of making your bed every morning? Wishing you could just jump out of bed and get on with your day? 

This single 6-sided bedsheet clip and fastener (with total of 12 clips) will keep your bed perfectly made every time.  Easily turn your flat sheets to fitted sheets with this single fastener. 

Unlike other fasteners that only clips one corner of your mattress, this single clip will hold all corners plus both sides of the bed perfectly in place.  Plus each clip has a built in plastic clenching system that protects the fabric of your bedsheets. So if you have those luxurious Egytian cotton sheets with a 1000 thread count, worry no more about the delicate fabric getting torn or stretched by the clips. Each of the 6 sided straps is adjustable so it can fit beds of all sizes from a single bed, double bed, or a high air bed to a king size bed. 

Shipping timeframe: 5 to 10 working days.