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Portable Mini Plastic Bag Sealing Machine (battery operated)

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A handy compact tool to have around your kitchen, or your office.  The portable plastic sealer is great for sealing up any opened food bags to keep them fresh and maintain hygiene, moisture proof and mildew proof.  Operated with batteries, it takes only a few seconds to seal any plastic bag with it's heat sealer.  

Size: 10cm length x 7cm width x 4.5cm height
Weight: 37g

Note: batteries NOT included. 

Instructions for Usage
Before claming on the plastic with the sealer, preheat the clamp for 5 seconds. When clamping on the plastic, hold the plastic firmly and move the clamp in one direction slowly 

When battery is put in, the sealer at the bottom of the clamp will heat up.  Take care to always put the saftey cover over the sealer to prevent anything getting burnt or melted.  For ideal caution, remove batteries from the sealer when not in use.