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Protective Pet Collars (CoolCollars) - Prevent Scratching or Biting Wounds

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Hand-made in Christchurch, New Zealand, Since 2012 by CoolCollars© 

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These are soft recovery collars for cats (of all sizes) and small breed dogs. 
They resemble the Elizabethan collars and are easy to put on, simply slide in or out over your pet's head & ears. They also do not chafe your pet's neck as the hole in the collar is made from a soft stretchable elastic fabric ( a scrunchy) which means you won't have to worry about your pet choking or being uncomfortable due to tightness.  

They are a huge contrast to the rigid, heavy plastic cones that are commonly provided by vet clinics.  These CoolCollars are

  • lightweight
  • does not block your pet's side vision.
  • their flat but firm circular frame prevent your pet from being able to turn around to lick or groom parts of their body that have surgical or medicated wounds allowing them to heal quicker
  • At the same time it allows your pet to easily access their food and water bowls making meal times less stressful and less messy. 
  • The soft but firm fabric also makes it easy to bend while keeping shape; perfect for sleeping comfortably. 

They come in 7 different sizes.

Size Chart

To determine best fit, measure your cat's head just around their ears and match to the measurements of the neck hole of the collar (circumference).

Below is our very own Alex who has agreed to be our model to show where the measurements should take place...he also couldn't help giving his best 'blue steel' look for the camera. Zoolander would be proud. 


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