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Little Lions Cat Collar

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NZ Made. Soft, light weight cat collar that looks gorgeous on your stylish little lions.
Made from 100% cotton 

Quick release safety clip to make sure your kitty is always safe (will break open if caught on a branch or anything)

Comes with a D ring in place, perfect for attaching bells and name tags.
Adjustable size to fit most cats from kitten to fully grown cat.

These come in a large variety of fabrics: florals, light patterns and plains to suit your furbaby's personality.

Small size - ideal for kittens (up to 6mths)
Large size - ideal for cats (6mths & older)

Recommendation for fit:

Cat collars should firmly be fitted on your kitten/cat. Avoid tightness by checking to ensure you are able to fit 1-2 fingers under the collar.  
For kittens, you should always check the fitting every few days and adjust as necessary as kittens grow.